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Our company specializes in providing high quality instruments for phase microscopy.  A normal biological compound light microscope can be utilized to view stained living tissues and prepared slides, but unstained living tissue specimens typically are transparent and provide little viewing contrast under brightfield microscopy.  A phase contrast microscopy (PCM) enabled instrument is able to view unstained living tissues with enhanced viewing contrast, allowing the biological researcher to see details normally unseen.

Our PCM equipment utilizes a special viewing technique that translates a shift in light wave phase to a shift in intensity, and thus visible contrast. Special phase objectives are needed as they contain a diaphragm in the back aperature plane. In addition a special condenser is used that provides a phase annulus ring. A telescope (special eyepiece) is used to view the back aperature plane in the objective and align the phase diaphragm with the phase annulus cone of light. It is imperative the correct objective be used with the matching size annulus ring in the condenser.

Phase contrast microscopes are used for a wide variety of applications such as molecular and cellular biology research, clinical and medical diagnosis of health conditions, living tissue culture viewing, microbiological research, dog breeding, horse breeding, animal breeding, infertility treatments, analysis of spermatoza in semen, sperm cell motility, sperm count, sperm morphology, mold and mildew detection and abatement, mold spore count, mold spore identification, stachybotrys (toxic black mold, stack mold) treatment, aspergillus mold identification, environmental air pollution monitoring, viewing of human squamous cheek cells, dust mite control, and asbestos testing.

We carry a full line of digital camera equipment to capture digital still and digital video on your PCM. Our USB computer connected digital cameras are able to interface the scope with the computer via the USB port on the computer.

Our skilled biologists are available today to take your questions and assist you with selecting the best instrument with the proper accessories to meet your demanding needs. Please contact us today.

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