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About Us

As a professional dealer in phase contrast microscopy equipment, we strive to meet our customer’s needs.  Our goal is to provide you the equipment you need that both meets your budget as well as quality requirements.

If your budget is rather small, we will recommend our new Chinese made instruments.  These have good quality and are a big savings over branded equipment.  However, for the most demanding applications, such as in the medical and clinical field for hospitals, we do not recommend any Chinese made equipment.

If you have an application where the highest resolution and imaging quality is needed, we will recommend our better instruments from top names like Olympus, Nikon, and Zeiss.  These German and Japanese designed, engineered, and manufactured microscopes provide a substantial increase in quality over the cheap Chinese models.  But as always, you get what you pay for.  So if you need this higher quality, it is going to cost you more.  But you have came to the right company for this equipment.  We can sell you a refurbished unit so you can buy at a lower cost.  If you had to buy from an Olympus dealer, you would be buying a brand new instrument and it would cost you a fortune.  That is why our service is a great solution for those in need of the best quality but are not loaded with a big budget.  And who has a big budget today to spend?  If you do, we recommend you simply call your local Olympus dealer and ask them for a price on new equipment.  I will cost you maybe three time the price, but….if you have the budget, then spend it.  The dealer will be happy to take your order and make a big profit for themselves.

If your budget is limited, then you are lucky to have found us.  We price our new Chinese models competitively with other Chinese sellers.  And we price our refurbished used branded equipment (Olympus, Zeiss, Nikon) at significantly lower prices than the other sellers of the same equipment.  The refurbished equipment will work identical to what the brand new units will do, but at a huge price savings.

So please contact us today.  We are ready to serve your needs and get you both a phase contrast microscope that fits your application and also meets your budget constraints.