Leica DMIL
Phase Contrast
Fluorescence (partial)
Trinocular Photo Port
Inverted Microscope

Shipping Cost: To be determined

Price USD $1650

Objective Lenses:

  • EF L 10x/0.25; 160/-; PHACO 1a. Leica #518087.
  • Plan 20x/0.4; 160/0.17; DL. Ph2. Objective is Nikon. Nikon #281226.Made in Japan.

Special Features:

  • Four-Place Quadruple Nosepiece.
  • Halogen Transmitted Light Source. 6V-20W.
  • Eyepiece Pair: Leica PeriPlan 10x/18 high eyepoint (okay to wear eyeglasses).
  • Trinocular Photography Port.Able to connect a variety of digital USB cameras. Adapters will be needed depending on the type of camera.

Phase Contrast Microscopy:

  • Phase Contrast Condenser. Marked A 0.23-S90.
  • Phase Settings on horizontal Phase Slider: 0a S90 and 1a S90.  Plus an open setting for brightfield microscopy.
  • All phase annuli are present and functional.

Fluorescence Microscopy (not complete):

  • Unit is set up for fluorescence microscopy.  However, the rear mercury lamp housing and the mercury lamp power supply are missing.
  • Includes internal vertical illumination system (with lens) for the rear mounted fluorescent light.
  • Includes mounting flange for the mercury lamp housing (not included) to attach to.
  • Includes a shutter to cut off or allow the mercury lamp’s light to pass.
  • Includes a BG38 filter in the mercury lamp’s light path.
  • Includes a fluorescent filter cube tray with spaces for two cubes.
  • One space is filled with a dichroic filter cube with these specs: #51006, F/TXRD, 706. Excitation: Texas Red.

General Notes:

  • Iris Diaphragm.
  • The fine and coarse focusing was tested and performed satisfactorily.
  • Frame Type: 090-131.002.  Leica Mikroskopie&Systeme GmbH Wetzler.
  • Voltage: 120V/230V selectable. 50/60 Hz.
  • Made by Leica Portugal.
  • Power Cord. This is supplied but not shown in the images.


This is a used microscope and sold in as-is condition.=

User Manual and Instructions:

click this link: LEICA DM IL Manual.pdf

click this link: LEICA DM IL Brochure.pdf