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Privacy Policy

When you contact us, we regard that as confidential.  We respect your privacy and do not attempt to bother you at a later point in time.  We do not give out nor sell your contact information.  We consider any purchase you make with us, even simple inquires, as confidential and private.

Your personal information you give us will remain private.

In the course of corresponding with you, including when taking an order, there are certain information that we will need to collect.  We first ask for your name and email address.  Sometimes we request a phone number so we can communicate with you more efficiently.  We will only call you if it pertains to questions you have asked us, or pertains to the processing of an order.  Your phone number is strictly confidential.

If an order is placed, we will ask you your company information (name and address), your email, and possibly the credit card details if the order is processed via a credit card

Who receives the information we take?

Information we obtain from you is only for our own usage.  If you ultimately do not make a purchase, no information is stored.  If you do make a purchase, your information is kept for warranty purposes.

Third Party Coordination:

When we ship your product, we obviously need to give the shipping company your contact information.

When we process your credit card, that information is transmitted via a secure encrypted SSL connection to our merchant processor.

At Phase Contrast Microscopes .com, we consider your privacy as an important part of what we do.